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Modern design and precise Engineering.

When a man by the name of Heriberto Castro decided to launch his own sign company it seemed fitting that his first job was to do an OPEN sign, which was made in his garage with the help of his wife. That was almost 15 years ago.

AC-DC Signs is probably the only company in the Rio Grande Valley that is UL listed which brings in a lot of illuminated business from natiomnal chains reaching the valley and across Texas.

Quality is not achieved by chance. People come to work here and stay here. That's why I am successful. We take very good care of our people and they take very good care of my customers.

Ninety-nine percet of customers have us do more work for them. Why?, because they know we do great quality work that is unmatched. Our customers reffer us to other customers and that is how we have reached to many members of our community. We strive for excellence and our customers see that and trust us with their sign.

AC-DC has statewide contracts from Holiday Inn, Rudy's BBQ, and other large hotel and restaurant chains and is the go-to sign company for numerous businesses needing project management, sign design, engineering and installation.